How to Run a Successful RJA

Establishing Your Racial Justice Alliance’s Purpose

What kind of RJA club are you going to be? Is it a support group, activism club, or social group?  How might you include components of all three?

Address the nature of your club and its goals in an official mission and values statement.

Decision-making: Figure out how your group will make decisions.

When will decisions be made by a leadership group within your RJA, and when will they be more inclusive and democratic?   How will you handle conflicts within your decision making group?

Take Notes

Take good notes or meeting minutes for members who couldn’t attend but want to catch up.  Think about whether you’ll want to keep your meeting minutes private to members only, or open to the public.  There are benefits to both.

Get Feedback

Have exit tickets or other tools to get participant feedback after each meeting.  Make sure these include opportunities for folks to share what worked well for them, what didn’t, what they’re wondering or hoping for next time, and any lingering questions.