Racial Equity Trainers

Here is a detailed list of Racial Equity trainers who work with educators and students. For more information from their websites, click on their names below.

Seed the Way

Seed the Way, LLC is an educational consulting project focused on professional development, resources for anti-bias curricula and pedagogy, and equity literacy. Founder and consultant, Rebecca EunMi Haslam seeks to empower educators, organizations, and businesses to work for an equitable, just, and sustainable world through participatory training workshops, facilitated discussions, and collaborative strategic planning.

True Nature Teaching

Annie O’Shaughnessy, M.Ed: Mindfulness and restorative practices consultant, teacher, and speaker. Annie teaches educators how to use mindful awareness practices to disrupt the negative impact of implicit bias in their classroom and schools and how to use restorative communication and circles to insure equal voice, fair process, and explore issues of racism and equity within the safety and structure of the circle process.

CQ Strategies

CQ Strategies, LLC is a Vermont-based training collective committed to justice, equity, cultural proficiency and social justice work with local and regional organizations.

Green Omega, Jon Kidde

The work Jon and Green OMEGA, L3C engage in is greatly influenced by the field of restorative justice. Other fields that influence this work are: Dialogue Education, Appreciative Inquiry, Motivational Interviewing, and the Effective Intervention Principles of Risk-Need-Responsivity for reducing re-offense.

Call and Response 

Educators working together for equity and inclusion in schools through building self-awareness, knowledge, and skills for cultural competency and anti-bias education. Professional development, advocacy, and consultation.

Up for Learning 

Mission is to shift the youth-adult relationship at the heart of education to partnership, and to increase youth agency. This ensures that all young people have opportunities, support, knowledge, and skills to pursue active roles in their learning, their lives, and their community.