Policy and Procedures

Vermont High Schools Raising the Black Lives Matter Flag

Students at Montpelier High School were the driving force behind being the first high school to raise the Black Lives Matter flag. The Racial Justice Alliance went to the school board and demanded action. Because of the students determination and collaboration, they were able to not only raise the flag, but also make policy changes at Montpelier High School.

The students of the Racial Justice Alliance at Montpelier High School shared their flag proposal statement that they proposed to the school board.

Flag proposal statement from the Racial Justice Alliance to the Montpelier School Board

Raising the Black Lives Matter Flag at MHS

After Montpelier High School raised the Black Lives Matter flag, other schools began to advocate to raise the flag on their grounds. Essex High School was another Vermont institution to raise the flag. Not only did students push for the flag to be raised, but Essex-Westford also created a Procedure on Flagpole and Government Speech.

Essex Westford Policy