Curriculum and Classroom Checker

Curriculum Checker and Review

AE suggestion – ADD – One of the most basic ways you can ensure a welcoming classroom is by examining the materials you are teaching in your classroom. Get started by using the curriculum checker below.

Curriculum, units, and lesson plans should be reviewed on a continuous basis.  The goal of this page is to facilitate review of curriculum, units,  and lesson plans to ensure that curriculum values all cultures.

Overall curriculum and lesson plan review

Questions to ask while reviewing curriculum, units, and lesson plans:

  • Are multiple perspectives taught and valued in the unit?
  • Are multiple cultures and ethnicities represented in non-stereotypical ways?
  • Does the unit incorporate resources that are inclusive to all students and have multiple points of view on the topic?
  • Are the resources reliable and valid?
  • Do resources have current information?  If not, how will you incorporate current information?
  • Do characters in the books represent diverse backgrounds in affirming ways?
  • Do the lessons encourage students to consider multiple points of view?

If you answered “no,” how will you address the gap?

General Classroom Practices