Curriculum Resources

Reflecting on Your Curriculum:

All educators have lessons and units that they love.  Educators need to look at their lessons and curricula through the lens of racial equity.  Some lessons need to have slight changes, while other lessons need to be replaced.  All students deserve to feel respected, included, safe, and challenged when they are learning.

Resources For Your Curriculum:

Teaching Hard History: A Framework for Teaching American Slavery, is a resource published by Teaching Tolerance, that provides teaching tools, key objectives, and primary source texts to help teach about slavery.

Social Justice Standards: The Teaching Tolerance Anti-bias Framework are standards that are divided into different sections; Identity, Diversity, Justice and Action (IDJA). The Standards are also divided by grade levels and gives examples of anti-bias scenarios.

Anti-Defamation League has a collection of Pre-K-12 curricula that provides lesson plans and units in many different topics. On this website, users can narrow down their search by selecting topics such as:

  • Bias, Discrimination, and Hate
  • Bullying Awareness & Prevention
  • People, Identity, & Culture
  • Race & Racism
  • Religion & Religious Bigotry
  • Social Justice

Evaluating Children’s Books for Bias

Below is a resource for evaluating children’s books for bias. This helpful tool can be used to analyze the books in your classroom and school libraries. 

Evaluating Children’s Books for Bias Criteria MAY 2018-3

Download this resource here. (Right click, Save File As)