Vermont Resources

Vermont Agency of Education Whole-School Restorative Approach Resource Guide

An orientation to a whole-school restorative approach and guide toward more in-depth resources and current research.

Community Justice Network of Vermont

The Community Justice Network of Vermont (CJNVT) is an organization whose members share a belief in the importance and efficacy of restorative responses to conflict and crime. Its mission is to broaden and strengthen Vermont’s restorative practices through leadership, advocacy, education, and partnerships. Find your local Community Justice Center here.

Harassment, Hazing, & Bullying Toolkit

Vermont School Board’s Insurance Trust and the Vermont School Board’s Association compiled this toolkit for superintendents, school boards, staff, and designees to identify responsibilities and
compliance procedures.

Restorative Practices in Vermont Juvenile Court

Trainers in Restorative Practices in Vermont:

Jon Kidde, Green Omega L3C 

Jon Kidde is an independent consultant who has studied and applied restorative justice theory for 20 years. He has played a critical role in the design, application, and enhancement of RJ within diverse settings.

Annie O’Shaughnesy, True Nature Teaching

O’Shaughnessy is a mindfulness and trauma informed restorative practices consultant, trainer, speaker, and secondary and post-secondary educator.

Jon Kidde, Annie O’Shaughnesy, and Community Justice Centers have been providing training across Vermont. Several school districts are currently using these resources for comprehensive training.

For information from the Vermont Attorney General’s office, visit their Community Justice page. Click here for contact information.