Designate a Facilitator or Co-Facilitators

The facilitator’s role is to keep the group focused on the meeting agenda, to move conversation along, and to help remind folks of the group norms, such as sharing air time.

The facilitator could be an adult or a student, depending on the age group.  Consider whether having consistent facilitators or rotating facilitators will work better for your group.  This may depend on attendance, fluctuations in membership, or individual leadership styles.

Preparing for Meetings

Set the agenda.  Make a list of issues/topics to discuss at each meeting.  Prioritize topics and consider a sequence that makes sense.

Designate a communications person or small group of people.

Publicize the meetings.  Figure out the best ways to reach as many people as possible at school (school newspaper, flyers, announcements, peer to peer)

Set dates and times for meetings.  Secure a location.  Consider accessibility needs.