How to Contact Your Legislator

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Contacting your legislators is one of the most effective ways to getting your voice heard and advocating for change. Many people do not realize how simple and quick it is to reach out to their legislators. Here are some steps to help you navigate this process.


How to find your legislator:

To find your legislator, visit this website and select your town. Once you select your town, a list of legislators and districts will pop up. To find out which ward you live in, click on the district names and view the map that pops up. Make sure that you contact the legislator that represents you in your district.

How to contact your legislator: 

The most effective way to contact your legislator is to call or email them directly. When you find your legislator on the website, their email address and phone number are accessible.

Why it is important to contact your legislator:

Contacting your legislator is an effective way to educate your legislator and share your thoughts and concerns. Reaching out to your legislator is a powerful way to have your voice be heard, and can help change to be made.

What to say to your legislator: 

Be clear and concise when contacting your legislator. Say your name, where you live, and state the reason why you are calling them. Visit this website for helpful tips on how to write emails or make phone calls to your legislator.

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